a melhor estrelhinha

2022.01.21 12:04 OJarlos a melhor estrelhinha

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2022.01.21 12:04 ShortAlgo $EH Waiting for Short signal on EH with https://t.co/a56bsndwqN https://t.co/G3XsWBIsGX

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2022.01.21 12:04 JulietDelta Saving Private Ryan is so fucking good.

I've come home drunk after a night out and to sober up before going to bed, I've put on Saving Private Ryan to pass some time. I was flicking through the movie to watch only the "good bits" and by the time I was done I realised I pretty much watched the whole thing because the whole thing is the "good bits". The whole movie is the "good bits" of the movie.
Very few movies offer as visceral and intimate of an experience as Saving Private Ryan, and there's as much subtle detail in the non-action scenes as there are in the action scenes that gets this experience across. The little conversations between the soldiers, Wade's scene in the church, the fact that Tom Hank's character was a teacher; all of this is so fucking well done and matches the quality of the action scenes, which goes without saying is fucking top notch.
This movie came out 23 years ago but still feels fresh today and I can honestly see this still being a fucking good movie in another 23 years time and another 23 years after that .
Saving Private Ryan is just so fucking good.
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2022.01.21 12:04 TtheSilverStacker CHICAGO Coin Shop - Silver Stacking at Village Coins

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2022.01.21 12:04 Jealous-Wash-6449 ?

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2022.01.21 12:04 AntiqueReality7027 The most profitable Crypto Mining Equipment on the market! Huge discounts!

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2022.01.21 12:04 BagerCast [220121] Bora IG update

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2022.01.21 12:04 WildFreeOrganic 48 hour Fast for Gut Health

Last night after dinner I started a 2 day fast to help with some IBS and to give my digestive system a break. I picked up the IBS after a group bachelor party (before that my gut heath was great) and I think I picked up some gut bugs from one or more of the guys there aren't the best and I haven't been able to shake them using natural herbals like wormwood.
I know there are others who fast for gut health and not weight loss, so I wanted to share my plan of action as I've done this a few times even though I'm pretty consistent at 10% bodyfat (and with less fat stores there is less wiggle room).
Basically the idea of fasting for gut heath is to give the body a break from digestion, allowing the tissues of the gastrointestinal system to regenerate while the microbiome balances to better symbiotic function through nutrient depletion.
The last meal before the fast should have vegetables and fiber so that the microbiome can in the large intestine can help process it for a longer period of time, this having the added benefit of producing short-chain fatty acids which help to keep energy levels smooth. I'm doing a dinner to dinner fast, so my next meal will be Saturday dinner, more on the importance of a proper refeed meal below.
I find green tea fasting is easier than straight water fasting, so I'll be drinking 2-3 cups of green tea both days. Green tea improves fat oxidation, reduces appetite, and contains a lot of plant polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants that help heal the gut.
I'll also be drinking a herbal tea consisting of reishi, nettle, peppermint, and chamomile. The peppermint in particular is helpful for gut health and gently anti-microbial.
I may further boost the gut healing effect with a turmeric and piperine supplement (2 g turmeric, 25 mg piperine). Turmeric is really good for the digestive system and piperine is derived from black pepper which is also a very powerful gut healer.
I'll keep activity low so I don't deplete my glycogen stores too quickly, only going on a walk one day and doing some light yoga on the other. It's best to do gut health fasts like these when you can block out the schedule and not be beholden to any outside commitments.
For electrolytes I'll use a pinch of celtic sea salt when needed. The refeed meal will contain plenty of electrolytes naturally and a 48 hour fast is pretty short. The refeed meal is very important, particularly in the context of the microbiome. After 48 hours of no new food, the microbiome will have contracted in size quite a bit, and the refeed meal is the prime opportunity to shift its evolution. Want to be able to eat more raw vegetables without bloating, gas, and overall digestive upset? Eat some salad greens. Been struggling to digest beans well? Have a small side of beans with the meal.
My personal experience is that my digestion of the refeed meal is always amazing, even with trouble foods of the past. Fasting and refeed meals is how I was able to improve my ability to digest spinach, broccoli, and eggs without my microbiome causing me problems like gas and bloating.
I follow a FoodFasting method generally in my diet, and with where I am that often means I practice intermittent 16:8 fasting. Every now and then though I find it extremely helpful to practice a longer 24-72 hour fast, and as long as I consume adequate calories post fast, my weight and muscle mass stays stable.
I hope others find this interesting and/or useful and if you'd like ask any questions you have on fasting for gut health and I'll answer them as best I can.
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2022.01.21 12:04 RSlashLazy How often do you rinse your mouth out after brushing your teeth?

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2022.01.21 12:04 TroubleS0meE Can store manager force a shift lead to change availability due to budget ?

My store manager asked my co shift leader to change his availability in feb due to the store budget?

I remember the store manger said something like if the shift lead cant open his availability more he will move the shift lead to another store & bring a shift lead with better availability.

is that possible? want to help my co-lead
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2022.01.21 12:04 adnanrahic Here’s an awesome open-source alternative to building metrics dashboards

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2022.01.21 12:04 Thor_On_Acid Worms, minnows, mussels?

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2022.01.21 12:04 niuz-bot Matei Vișniec, dramaturg și jurnalist stabilit la Paris: „Dacă premierul Franței ar fi acuzat de plagiat, ar demisiona în câteva ore” - [Prezentul continuu]

Vremea extremismului nu a venit, crede Matei Vișniec, stabilit de peste 30 de ani în Franța. Într-un interviu pentru PressOne, el vorbește despre atuurile lui Macron în plină criză sanitară, dar și despre cum e văzută în acest moment România, de la Paris.
Citeste in continuare: https://pressone.ro/matei-visniec-alegeri-franta
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2022.01.21 12:04 introsort [Hiring] Senior Financial Analyst Careers at Intel in Hillsboro, OR (Intel)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Senior Financial Analyst Careers at Intel in Hillsboro, OR
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2022.01.21 12:04 JamieMallender BLEASS OMEGA Livestream Demo + Giveaway

https://youtu.be/H6a_AHqovvM BLEASS have just released a new, worldbeating FM Synth for iOS. I'm going to have a play around with it later so that you can hear exactly why you need it. Watch the stream to find out how to win a code. Click the link to set a reminder. x
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2022.01.21 12:04 jookco Mort - Nécrologie - Cause Décès : @HugoDecrypte Gaspard Ulliel est décédé suite à un arrêt cardiaque et non des dommages causés par son accident. Ce dernier n'ayant pas été violent selon les témoins, aurait plutôt été provoqué suite au déclenchement de son malaise cardiaque, responsable de son d...

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2022.01.21 12:04 tothe_moon_boomer Stop The Pain

My trading portfolio is about 90% INO and the only thing I really check EVERYDAY (20 times a day.) And yet, there is absolutely no action to be taken. Just waiting for a 3 figure SP before even considering trimming a bit. Sooooo....why don't we create an email list and have a SP monitor that will notify everybody when there is a big pop on news of a PO or EUA. That way, we can all enjoy watching our wealth grow, start packing for the party in Miami, and most importantly, STOP the daily pain.
I nominate Bently. Do I have a second?
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2022.01.21 12:04 xlxoxo Thousands of rapid tests being shipped to B.C. schools: Education Ministry

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2022.01.21 12:04 whiteyfisk46 Jan. 6 US Committee Hits Rioters With Subpoenas Over Bitcoin Donations

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2022.01.21 12:04 4_2_1010 Funny and creative title

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2022.01.21 12:04 shawnta2 Is pad printing a good approach for this?

Is pad printing a good approach for this? I have a black plastic piece like this, ~65mm diameter:

I want the red highlighted concave part to be white painted (sorry for wrong colors in illustration):

Few thousand need to be produced.

The plastic itself can't be white, it has to be black.

Paint thickness has to be <10µm and low variation in thickness (<5)

Initially I thought this would need to be wet painted, but was concerned about accurate masking of the paint and achieving uniform thickness for each unit.

Then I came across tampo/pad printing, and although not meant for use cases such as mine (solid circular shape rather than graphic), it seems like the thickness of the ink left is 5 µm - 8 µm which is ideal and is pretty accurate regarding where the ink is applied.
The white ink can also be quite opaque:

Am I correct to assume pad printing may be the way to go? Or is there a disadvantage compared to wet painting or another technology I haven't considered?
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2022.01.21 12:04 Bigcheesex1 My girl friend is acting weird towards me bc she needs a kidney and I told her no! Bc then I won’t be able to drink anymore & that’s how I deal with all my problems

She called me selfish bc I won’t give her MY kidney. It’s mines !!!! Now she’s trying to make me feel bad bc I’m the only one of her friends(including family) that’s her blood type. She is a MASTER manipulator but I will not fall for her tactics this time !!! I don’t feel comfortable giving up my kidney tbh bc I honestly don’t trust her ! She might take my kidney , make a full recovery & then go cheat on me with someone with two kidneys! That’s how spiteful that women is!!! I see a new therapist tomorrow & hopefully she can help me 🩰 do you guys think I’m selfish for wanting to keep my kidney? Talk to me guys ❤️
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2022.01.21 12:04 James_________ Episode 293 - Scumbagged

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2022.01.21 12:04 blunntc111 dog with a job!!!!

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2022.01.21 12:04 Team_Creative Palmeiras: "Endrick alemão" travou no profissional e só fez 3 gols

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