My recently adopted strays Lucifer and Lilith cuddling after breakfast

2021.12.02 09:05 IvanEvilBoy666 My recently adopted strays Lucifer and Lilith cuddling after breakfast

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2021.12.02 09:05 appsaraby بتكلفة 4 مليارات جنيه.. مصر تفتتح المرحلة الأولى من مشروع "التجلي الأعظم" أبريل المقبل

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2021.12.02 09:05 the9thwall Free £15 when singing up to zilch

Get a free £15 credit added to a virtual card you can use to spend anywhere you like when signing up to zilch. Zilch is a similar to services like klarna where you can use it to spread the cost of purchases.
Follow the steps below to get £15 bonus credit
1) Sign up using a referral link like mine:
2) Confirm your email, phone number and add a debit card
3) Select a retailer and click enable for store, making sure you have toggled the slider to use reward credit
4) Click on the virtual card to view details and use it to make a purchase
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2021.12.02 09:05 Snaefellsjokul Travis Gave Me Marcus’ Snickers After the Show @Charlottesville and idk What To Do With It

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2021.12.02 09:05 IOweUEverythingBoo Shannon Kane

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2021.12.02 09:05 JJMWmemeproductions Time for a boss tier list (just shapes and beats)

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2021.12.02 09:05 kwpok_101220 Anyone remember this

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2021.12.02 09:05 NeuroWitch Какая радость тебя ждёт в ближайшее время? | Таро онлайн расклад

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2021.12.02 09:05 pedal_deals_bot Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano - $550 ($550 + Free S/H) 100%

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2021.12.02 09:05 TweetArchiveBot Sihle Ngobese: “A policy of separate development”

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2021.12.02 09:05 Assassin_ka SuperPlayer World (HONOR) Token ¿Qué es, cómo comprar y precio?

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2021.12.02 09:05 Grouchy_Name_9122 Who can tribute cardi b live for me on discord?

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2021.12.02 09:05 TreeTaster Where can I watch Season 15 in the UK?

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2021.12.02 09:05 zsreport 20 years ago, fraud destroyed Enron and ruined lives. But Houston survived — and thrived.

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2021.12.02 09:05 Joppape [PC] [2012] You play as a guy who keeps passing out and you’re in a castle

Remembered this game from my post yesterday. So I played this game back around in 2012, in it, you’re a guy that keeps getting his vision blurry and passing out, and you’re in a castle type place. You carry a light with you. And you encounter a lot of monsters that look very weird, they look like ducks with very long beaks and they’re humanoid and pale and naked, It might not be that but that’s all I remember, I never reached the end of this game but that should be enough info.
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2021.12.02 09:05 iamcha0s No Hype, Just Facts🔥💎🔥

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2021.12.02 09:05 23-cats Redd is here, able sisters sell helmet and heart sweater

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2021.12.02 09:05 iamabdullahsaud You guys want a logo for this Subreddit?

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2021.12.02 09:05 model-frod [Nicholls - Post 2 - 2nd] Flyers outlining CLP policy begin to show up in the south of the division, near Cabbage Tree Creek.

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2021.12.02 09:05 MarkieGriff Connect fire stick to pc monitor

It seems possible to me that I can connect a firestick to my pc monitor but my monitor has no speakers... Is there any way I can get sound?
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2021.12.02 09:05 therealinoja Two lovers who also hate each other the purest form of luv

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2021.12.02 09:05 Kraziecho I honestly believe that Taiju loved Hakkai & Yuzuha. I just feel like the only way he knew to showcase that love was through violence.

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2021.12.02 09:05 Metsca911 Me when someone doesn't laugh when I say killer cock instead of croc

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2021.12.02 09:05 AlBunduqiyya My bf has no clue about the profession he's currently studying for. I'm worried but I also don't want to discourage him.

Hey there! Disclaimer: this story is set in Europe, alpine region. Most important points are fattened.
TL;DR: my boyfriend wants to work in forestry but is of very delicate condition, no endurance, gets tired quickly. I sort of know the deal and I fear that he's not cut out to work in that profession and will be unhappy & overwhelmed, but he will not listen to my concerns.
My (25f) boyfriend (26m) of a few months is studying forestry in University right now. He's in his 2nd semester, it's a very scientific and challenging curriculum and so far, he's doing well.
Thing is, he had a field trip to the forest last saturday and there was a little bit of snow coming down. He claims to almost having lost a toe bc it was so cold (bullshit) and now he's complaining all the time about how cold it was (it was like... -5°C / 23°F)
Thing is, he grew up in a town. Not a huge city, but in a town. I grew up in a village in the mountains. I grew up hunting and hiking and being out and about all the time. I actually have almost lost toes due to being dumb, in the winters of my childhood there were times when we had 6m of snow on each side of the road, and sometimes, our village was shut off the outside world for a few days due to heavy snowfall. I know what living WITH nature actually means.
My bf is the type of person who's tired after a 2 hour walk. If you imagine a guy working in forestry... well my bf does not look like that. If you look at him, he's more an IT kind of type. Always too hot or too cold, gets tired quickly, zero bodily strength or endurance. This is not about attraction, this is about him being in the right profession, mind you.
Many of my childhood friends and acquaintances work in forestry, and it's fucking hard work. I know some people who have changed their professions because of their bodies giving out around age 45 because it's so hard. Winter is freezing, summer is scalding, you're outside all the time. It's hard and dangerous work.
I'm worried. My bf has zero practical experience in forestry and he seriously thinks it will be up to him to do the office part of the work when it's too hot/cold for him outside, which... it won't. He won't listen to me bc he thinks he knows better. I'm worried that he'll be done with his studies one day and after 2 months of working "the real deal", he'll just... drop dead or be too overwhelmed.
I love him. This has nothing to do with our relationship per se, but I want him to be happy and since he's of a rather... delicate constitution, I'm worried he won't be happy in this line of work. Then again, he has started a few other curriculums before and dropped out of college like 2 times, so it has taken him a lot of time to find his "passion". But studying biology and forestry and forest economy is one thing, actually working in the woods is another deal.
I don't want him to drop out. I don't want to discourage him if this is what he wants. But he keeps complaining about how cold and hard this field trip was, and I need him to understand that this will be his everyday life if he wants to work in forestry. He seriously needs to grow a spine and thicker skin if he wants to work in that line. But he has unrealistic expectations and won't. Fucking. Listen.
How do I get him to come to grips with what kind of work he will actually be doing?
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2021.12.02 09:05 fluctuationsAreGood1 Why is Fallout 76 running so terribly on my system?

I just bought Fallout 76 and I'm now wondering why I'm getting such terrible performance. My system is as follows:
Windows 7 Home Premium
i5 4670K 3.40GHz
970 GTX 4 GB
Having now spent close to 5 hours tinkering with all manners of ini tweaks, Nvidia Inspector settings changes, and in-game settings changes, I'm just not getting anything close to good performance and I struggle to see what the issue should be.
My framerate is pretty good with some dips here and then. With vsync on I'm getting close to 60 FPS most of the time. With vsync off I'm often in the 70-80 range.
The issue is that there seems to be an insane amount of stuttering and lag the whole time. Movements feel laggy, slow, stuttering and not good at all. Aiming properly is nearly impossible. Panning across the screen looks and feels bad. Mouse movements feel laggy.
I'm able to run Fallout 4 smoothly with no stuttering, lag or FPS drops.
What could I be missing here? Is my RAM the issue? Am I simply overestimating my system's ability to run FO76? I've seen many others having good performance with the same GPU, albeit after of course dropping the texture quality to low, which I have also done.
If anyone has any suggestions I'd much appreciate it.
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