Profit sharing is the company’s way of trapping employees.

2021.12.02 10:31 Final-Way8963 Profit sharing is the company’s way of trapping employees.

I came to this realization when I was talking to an OPD worker. This team member has been working at our store for about five years now, he roughly makes $18 an hour, and is receiving profit sharing. As far as I know this member has no education, and no previous job experience. He told me he would like to find a different job where he’s paid more and treated better, but there’s nowhere to go! There’s no way to switch to a different job without completely destroying everything he built for himself (like housing, food, etc.) The best thing about it is he can be terminated anytime. We have a previous GM from a neighboring store that was walked off, he has literally spent his whole life working for menards and is currently doing bitch work with me and the rest of the yard crew. I think it’s bullshit, don’t fall for the whole “career” thing menards offers. And if you genuinely want a career with them I suggest you…ahem… unionize, because it’s the only way you’ll get respect.
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2021.12.02 10:31 BestAdventures555 Were hunter-gatherer tribes eat what you kill?

I get that there would be barter, reciprocal sharing, quid pro quo, and so on, and this would be heavily relationship/family dependent. I get also there would be roughly equal sharing within a small family unit.
But on the level of a small-medium tribe, to what extent was it eat what you kill/gather, versus a more top-down socialistic structure where each person's hunt/gather was taken from them and then shared equally among the various different tribe members by a central authority (e.g. a tribal leader)?
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2021.12.02 10:31 peacewriter Can you see my post?

Please at least 1 person comment.
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2021.12.02 10:31 arturgh3 Remaster of the Otis Big Guitar Mix version of Wild One. I always liked how this version sounded, but it lacked trebles and had way too much bass, so I did this remaster. I get that was probably on purpose to give it a lofi feel, but here's an alternative version.
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2021.12.02 10:31 Furrycrab Has anyone ever found his or her weapons vanished for no reason?

I was looking for my fixer in my stash earlier and I found that it just vanished for no reason. I looked through all my mules and I’m pretty sure I never traded it or turned it into scrip. Would submitting a ticket to Bethesda does any help?
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2021.12.02 10:31 NotAnonymous999 My minecraft world before and after updating to 1.18

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2021.12.02 10:31 svanapps r/dogecoin - Who remember?!😂

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2021.12.02 10:31 EvenCriticism2021 Fannie, Freddie Surge as U.S. Approves $1 Million Loans

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2021.12.02 10:31 Maxcactus Opinion | Police Handcuffed Her, Naked, in Her Home. Will She Ever See Justice?

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2021.12.02 10:31 Dnator88 Payment failed - £600 gone - No support!?

I attempted to use my CDC card online, to pay for Christmas presents totalling £605. After entering payment details and the confirmation code, for some reason the payment failed. The retailer did not receive any money. The funds, however, have still been be removed from my account and I can not get a sensible answer from the in-app support.
It is difficult being this down this amount of money so close to Christmas.Would anyone be able to provide some assistance with this please?
Thank you.
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2021.12.02 10:31 Ricks_eyebrow Can anyone recommend any small speakers i can hook up to my amp, only have 120mm on top of the kitchen cabinets though

I wanted to add some speakers on top of my kitchen cabinets but only have 120mm space so will need to be quite small/narrow
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2021.12.02 10:31 ramirez432 Is it possible...?

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2021.12.02 10:31 unKz_sneakz Had a proper chuckle at this😂😂

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2021.12.02 10:31 scalemaster2 Is, er, the sea worth getting into yet?

I had a hotdog like twenty minutes ago and I don't want to get a cramp.
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2021.12.02 10:31 Ploikblah Being touch starved is horrible.

I honestly envy all you who go on dates, hug and kiss people you are attracted to. As a 24 year old kissless virgin I can only dream of being able to hold hand with a woman who is interested in me. I try to make do with just hanging out with my friends but it sucks not being able to experience romantic intimacy. I'd really like to hear from guys who were in my boat but managed to finally get a date. What did you do to get women to be interested in you?
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2021.12.02 10:31 lex_morgalis Haven't played since 2019

Hey guys, I haven't played hs since summer 2019. I see that some changes have been made and that people say that hs is less p2w now. Can someone explain me what's different now and why it matters now?
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2021.12.02 10:31 mrjackchongg No coolmathsgames really?

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2021.12.02 10:31 EBMFR34K Sa an awesome [Mazda - RX8] today. Never seen one before.

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2021.12.02 10:31 abjinternational Copywriting: Make Money From Home WRITING WORDS

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2021.12.02 10:31 buttholeismyfavword Double prizes

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2021.12.02 10:31 hackyandbird Don't ever Google the symptoms

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2021.12.02 10:31 PedroDrake10 Never Underestimate An Old Guy on a Mountain Bike

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2021.12.02 10:31 foxtrotttt gotta stay low

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2021.12.02 10:31 Away_Calligrapher788 Need a single unlock, dm me your rates

Interac e-transfer only.
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2021.12.02 10:31 Cliffhangerreddit This meme from a few months ago

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