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Week 1: Weird AL - Samarian Sunset

2022.01.21 10:58 achtungschnell Week 1: Weird AL - Samarian Sunset

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2022.01.21 10:58 DannyB1aze Newbie here looking to find streams of these tournaments the sub keeps mentioning.

Hi everyone. New covid joiner here. I've been really interested in seeing how "pro" Warhammer plays compared to the casual matched games my friends and I play.
Is there anywhere on Twitch or the internet that I can watch these tournaments that keep getting mentioned here??
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.21 10:58 LGiovanni67 Comet Leonard What does look like up close? Although we can’t go there, imaging the comet’s coma and inner tails through a small telescope gives us a good idea. ( see comments)

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2022.01.21 10:58 barnaby-jones Is Gerrymandering Unraveling America's Connectedness? | Psychology Today

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2022.01.21 10:58 kzr_gr Δημοσιογράφος του NEWS 24/7 κλήθηκε σε ανωμοτί εξηγήσεις για ρεπορτάζ... κατάληψης

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2022.01.21 10:58 chemistocrat Alright…which one of you is selling this bohemoth?

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2022.01.21 10:58 Rhizoid4 How dare my free visor be very slightly crooked! This shows just how little 343 cares for the IP and FANS!!!

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2022.01.21 10:58 bguchte Metallic Material type doens't work

I have a weird one... My metallic material type does nothing. When I set it to Metallic it treads it as a diffuse material. I checked if I had clay mode on etc. Checked my render settings, restarted Cinema, restarted my pc.. Nothing works..
To be clear all the other material types, glossy specular toon etc.. all work just the metallic one doesn't work. I could not find a solution on google for this. Maybe one of you guys knows what is up?
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2022.01.21 10:58 Foreign-Affect7871 A Single Ideal - Part III

A Single Ideal - Part III
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The Alderean ship’s hatch opened and the two ambassadors – one Alderean and one Human - stepped out onto the Rhea station, in orbit over Saturn. A Gorandi in a cold suit awaited them, her ursine face lit up into a ferocious grin as they approached. “Amara,” she exclaimed as she swept the human up into a bear hug. Hearing Throc rattle his upper tentacles in amusement, she put Amara down and stepped back. “Ambassador Throc,” she acknowledged, bowing her head slightly.
“Ambassador,” Amara said with a smile, “This is the lead Gorandi scientist, Saralin. Her mate is the assistant station manager here on the station.”
“Lead scientist?” Throc asked.
“Oh yes,” Saralin replied, “We have a team of five. Our xenobiologists are working with the Humans studying the Hu’a. I and another are planetary specialists.”
As they walked into the station, Amara and Saralin chatted amicably.
“Well,” Saralin said, “Here we are, the main observation platform. I will let you two have it.” She turned to leave.
“Saralin, wait please,” Amara said. She turned to Throc, “Ambassador, our contacts with the Hu’a are few. If you do not mind, I would like Saralin to record any contact for future study.”
Throc rubbed two upper tentacles in thought. “Typically, we expect privacy in these matters,” he paused, still rubbing his tentacles. “However, given the nature of this contact and the unusual circumstances, I believe it will be acceptable,” he paused again. “There are some requests that I must make.”
“Saralin and I agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement covering any materials you deem sensitive,” Amara said. “You will retain the original recording and can edit any information you find necessary in our copies.”
Throc rubbed his tentacles as he spoke, “Yes, I think that is acceptable.” He lifted his tablet from his belt and started looking for an NDA. He started typing with two tentacles as he stepped through the doorway and onto the platform. Looking up, he gasped – tentacles stiff – and dropped the tablet. He glanced at Amara who was watching him with a small smile.
“Yeah, it’s like that,” she agreed. “Come, step forward to the rail.”
The observation platform was a transparent bubble on the side of the station. Beyond, in the inky blackness of space, its rings stretching across the view, was Saturn. At the rail, the view was unencumbered. Tentacles writhing in a confused mix of emotions, Throc stood transfixed for long minutes.
Behind, Saralin quietly shooed the two humans who had been working at the control panels away and took their place. Humming quietly to herself, she began to set up the communications and recording equipment.
Shaking his tentacles, Throc turned to Amara. She was staring out at the planet before them.
“It’s beautiful. No, that word does not do it justice. Majestic, glorious…, sometimes our language fails us,” she said, holding out his tablet. “Come, let’s get comfortable, this may take a while.”
They settled into two chairs. Behind them Saralin called out, “Would you two like something?”
“Thank you, Saralin,” Amara replied, “I would like some water. Ambassador Throc?”
“Water also,” he said, “If it’s not too much trouble.” He started typing again.
“No problem,” Saralin said, walking over to a small cooler. She brought them two bottles from it.
“Here is the NDA,” Throc said, “If you would sign it.” He handed the tablet to Amara.
Amara read the NDA and signed with her thumbprint. She passed it to Saralin who read through the document and pressed a digit on the tablet to sign it before returning it to Throc.
“I’m going to project a screen,” she said as she returned to the control panel.
Before them, a screen materialized. It simply showed an image of nothing with a brownish tint.
“What are we looking at?” Throc asked.
“We have several stations in Saturn’s atmosphere. They are basically large floating buoys with instrumentation suspended below them,” Saralin replied from behind them. “They are also equipped with sonic signaling devices. I am going to activate this one and see if we can get the attention of a Hu’a.”
“What do you know of the Hu’a?” Amara asked Throc as they waited.
“A lower sentience species from the Cartalean system,” Throc replied. “They made their home on a system gas giant similar to this,” he indicated Saturn with a tentacle.
“And do you know what happened to their world?” Amara asked.
“All I know is it was destroyed during a Gre’an invasion of the system.”
“Saralin found the records,” Amara replied. “The Sunuarean buried them deep.” She gazed out at Saturn as she spoke, watching a moon transit across its surface. “The Sunuarean were in the system on an exploratory mission. Two battle cruisers and a couple of light frigates. When the Gre’an dropped into the system, the commander decided to try an experiment.” Her voice grew cold as she spoke.
“They rigged the Hu’a homeworld as a large bomb, using the hydrogen in the atmosphere as an explosive. We think they were trying to ignite the core.” She turned to Throc, her eyes cold. “They blew up the Hu’a homeworld without a thought for the Hu’a.” She sat for a minute, gazing out at Saturn again.
“We don’t know how many Hu’a perished,” she said, “The Hu’a only say ‘many’ when asked. Now, the ten thousand Hu’a below are all that is left.”
Throc sat quietly, watching the screen for a moment. “I did not know,” he said, tentacles slumped.
Amara took a sip of her water and shifted in her chair. “There’s something else,” she said.
“Yes,” Throc prompted her.
“The Hu’a are large sacs of gas. Their main body has a diameter of 150 meters with a length of 300 meters. Their main tentacles are over a kilometer in length. Their secondary tentacles are about 500 meters long.”
“I have studied their physiology,” Throc replied. “Is there something I missed?”
Amara looked at him as she sipped on her water. Putting the cup down, she leaned forward. “Who transported ten thousand of these gigantic creatures here?”
Throc’s tentacles squirmed in agitation. “I had assumed it was us Aldereans. Am I mistaken?”
“There are no transport records,” Amara replied with a shrug. “We asked the Hu’a. All they said was, ‘Came.’”
“You mean…?” Throc asked.
“We don’t know,” Amara replied. “All we know is, shortly after we volunteered to take them in, some ten thousand Hu’a appeared in Saturn’s atmosphere.”
Both sat back in silence. Throc unconsciously rubbed his tentacles together as he thought of the implications of all he had just learned.
Their silence was broken by Saralin. “Ambassadors, the screen,” she said in a hushed tone.
On the screen, a Hu’a was approaching. It slowly drifted forward out of the relative gloom of Saturn’s atmosphere. As it drifted, it rubbed its main tentacles by slowly lifting some against others. Electrical arcs were visible flashing between them.
Amara leaned forward, speaking quietly. “We think that is how they feed,” she said, “They appear to be using static charges to break down heavier compounds in the atmosphere.”
The Hu’a stopped some distance from the buoy. Throc was unable to guess how far without some visual reference. The Hu’a began to vibrate its shorter tentacles. A rumbling began over the speakers in the room. The rumbling quickly shifted into what could only be described as musical. Atonal perhaps, with no real melody - but still recognizable as music.
“HELLO,” came over the speakers.
Throc leaned forward, tentacles trembling in anticipation. “I am Ambassador Throc of the Alderean Compact,” he said, “Who do I have the pleasure of addressing.”
“HU’A,” came the reply.
Throc shifted in his seat and glanced at Amara. She gave him a shrug and a smile.
“I have come to ensure the humans are treating you well,” he said.
“Is there anything you need?” he asked.
“Do the humans place any demands on you?”
“Are the humans experimenting on you?”
“Do you need help?”
“You are working with the humans?”
“You are satisfied with this planet?”
“You have enough food?”
“Do you feel safe here?”
“Is there anything you would like to communicate to me?”
Throc sat back in his chair, tentacles slumping as the Hu’a turned and moved away. He looked over at Amara who gave him another shrug.
“That one was quite talkative,” she said with a smile. “We are working on the base translation program we were provided, but…,” she gave another shrug, “Our contact is limited.”
“Saralin,” she said over her shoulder, “Could you give us a moment?”
“Sure thing,” Saralin replied, shutting down the screen and equipment. With everything in standby, she rose and padded out of the room, closing the door as she left.
Amara turned back to Throc with a bemused expression. “Ask.”
Throc writhed his tentacles in a sigh. “And what do the humans gain?” he asked.
Amara sat back in her chair, studying the immense gas giant that hung before them. A glitter caught her attention, and she watched a small transport for a long moment.
She turned back to Throc. “For thousands of years, humanity has dreamed about the unknown. Our earliest ancestors created pantheons of gods to explain the things they saw above them at night. As we progressed and understood more, an excitement gripped us as we understood we might not be alone in this vast universe. This excitement drove much of our research and exploration efforts.”
“Then we met the Latheian. Our first alien species. And from there, the Hygran, the Alderean and so many more.” She paused for a long drink of water. “And for a time, everything was new and exciting. So much to learn, so much to share.” She paused. She continued with a small smile, “Do you know one of my professors at the university spent an entire career studying the base family unit of the Hygrans?”
Throc shook his tentacles in mirth. “Academics are that way across all species,” he observed.
“Exactly,” Amara stated emphatically, “These species we encountered – when distilled down to their basic essences – were all the same. All have the same basic necessities. From there spring the basic motivations.” She settled in her chair a little. “When it comes down to the things that really matter, we are all the same.” Amara gave a short bark of laughter, “Hell, the dolphins on our homeworld are more alien to us than you.”
Throc rustled his tentacles, “Are these ‘dolphins’ sentient?”
“Unfortunately, no,” Amara replied with a shrug, “They are a higher order, aquatic mammalian life form that falls short on the sentience test.” Amara paused, “However, we can’t be completely certain. They are just too alien.”
“And the Hu’a?” Throc asked.
“Look at them,” Amara said, gesturing toward Saturn, “Large beings floating around in a world still largely unknown to us.” She grew more animated as she spoke. “The Hygrans actually knew of them before…,” she paused, “Before the Sunuarean nuked their homeworld. Their records all indicate a similar environment on that world. No natural predators, none of the normal evolutionary forces; and yet, they still attained sentience.”
“In our time with them, we have observed no reproductive behavior. Their number has remained unchanged since their arrival. They interact with us, but our communications are too limited to understand much…” she trailed off into thought.
After a moment, Throc urged, “Please continue.”
“This…,” she gestured toward Saturn again, “This is what we were looking for across all those centuries. A truly alien species. A truly alien species we can communicate with!” She was grinning now, “Think of it! Do they have physics? Mathematics? How do they perceive time? Space? How did they just show up here on Saturn? How old are they? Do they like chocolate?” She paused again as she settled back into her chair, slowly shaking her head she said, “A truly alien species, here in our own backyard.”
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2022.01.21 10:58 rufus418 Alfred Molina : Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

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2022.01.21 10:58 MoistBagOfCrisps236 How do I prove to my partner he can trust me after cheating?

Me (19F) got blackout drunk about a week ago. According to my friends, I briefly kissed somebody else. I have fully taken responsibility for my actions, and do understand if my partner (24M) cannot pursue the relationship further. However, he is saying that he does want to try and work through things.
What are the best ways I can support him? And how can I prove to him that I can go out without anything happening, whilst not triggering his anxiety?
If anybody has been in this position before, what were the best things that helped you and how can the trust be rebuilt?
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2022.01.21 10:58 CarterBrogdon Looking for more music with bass undertones like this!

Hi! Currently my favorite song is Loafersby BoyWithUke. This is for one reason and one reason alone, the bass. Listen closely at 1:35 in the song you will here the start of the humm. I do like the lyrics of the song, sure, but I can seem to find or recreate the background low bass Humm that he has. Any music suggestions that have bass like this?
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2022.01.21 10:58 98rascal Someone told me you can watch a solar eclipse through a colander

I tried but just ended up straining my eyes.
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2022.01.21 10:58 swarathmaband AMA with folk rock band Swarathma: Hi, this is Jishnu, Vasu, Varun, Sanjeev and Vinay! Ask us anything

Hey folks!
Swarathma is a Bangalore based contemporary folk rock band that represents the sound of today’s India: rooted in tradition, yet with sights set firmly on the world. The band is best known for its visually electric and highly interactive stage act. With music that is strong and beautiful, contemporary and relevant, hard-hitting and tongue-in-cheek, they're one of India's most sought-after bands. Their music was featured on The Family Man S2 and on the Rolling Stone Top 10 Singles of 2021
We're thrilled to be here!
Stream our latest single here:
Check out our NFT collection, just dropped!
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2022.01.21 10:58 Intrepid-Variation35 If you love weed leave a comment on your favorite strain and way to smoke ?

@SlumpedTeam (YT) @SlumpedTeam (IG) And if you love watching stoner contest check us out much love guys ❤️🦍
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2022.01.21 10:58 Ultra-Nigrosbob Dataset of everyday English sentences

Hello I am a beginner developer and I am making a educational application, but I could not find an open database of simple English sentences.
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2022.01.21 10:58 Spinkick101 Took me 5 or 6 attempts to beat this. It feels like Shuffleboard all over again

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