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2022.01.21 12:01 RetroGreene UwU

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2022.01.21 12:01 pillowlamp19 Pipi snowman glitch lol

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2022.01.21 12:01 saffrown Indian cousin about to join Krygystan for MBBS. Good or bad idea?

Hello lovely people!
My cousin who is an Indian passport holder from a middle class family didn't manage to crack NEET (Medical entrance exam) is now planning to go to Krgystan for MBBS.
I tried to read about the Kyrgystan MBBS course from first hand perspective of someone who went there. But most of the reddit posts seems to be shills who are advertising the course. What are the things that most people don't know about this course?
I also read that he will have to take FMGCE (Another exam to prove it's knowledge to get a licence in India). And Kyrgyz students have very low passing percentage for this.
Further this exam could be replaced NEXT 1 / 2 (More standardised version of FMGCE for both Indian and Foreign students).
If you have information/links/advice please share.
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2022.01.21 12:01 YellowGecko0 Rental help through PRC.

Can anyone tell me why on earth they make it so difficult to receive any help!? I have an eviction notice and they first require you to go to at least 3 other places asking for help first. Then they require you to turn in your past 90 days of income. Social security cards. Etc. then fill out their application explaining your hardship. Then in order to help you you or your partner MUST have a job. Well my fiancé started a job Monday so no paystubs yet so they had us run there to get a statement from employer saying he indeed started work. Now days later—- and I’m panicking mind you because the landlord is about to start the eviction process through the court—- and now days later they call and say we need PROOF of hardship and that would be his work related injury in December. So we have no copies of that so now I’m expected to drive to the hospital to get records and drive to his former work place to get proof he hurt himself at work. Like…. I understand this is free help but I don’t get why they make it so difficult. It’s almost like they don’t want to help people. Didn’t they just get a million dollar grant??? I can’t be driving all over gods country. We are not married so I don’t even have the authority to get this stuff while he’s at work and he’s at work Monday through Friday 6-6 so all the places would be closed by the time he gets off work. He cannot be late or call off because he is trying to get a bonus. None of the churches will help us. CAC won’t help us because we own our trailer. Salvation Army won’t help us because they only help with utilities. There’s nothing else here in my county! I can’t get any help from family because both of my parents have passed away. We have 3 kids and if we get kicked out we literally have no where to go we’d have to go to a cheap motel.
What gives!? Who can I contact to try to make changes to this?! The governor? What lawmaker would handle this? Thanks in advance
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2022.01.21 12:01 Fusuyuz Gonna be a long day for those who skipped skypiea when it turns out to be very relevant

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2022.01.21 12:01 Braineater2448 Sweetgreen is coming to downtown St Pete

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2022.01.21 12:01 No-Explanation-1982 Wow. They filled the May 26th gap. All aboard!!!! 🍿 🍿 🍿

Let's go
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2022.01.21 12:01 thediamondconqueror Brooke Souza

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2022.01.21 12:01 nqeron Daily Puzzle #136.5 (Easy)

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2022.01.21 12:01 chairbornebg Отпускът по майчинство беше удължен в 25 китайски провинции

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2022.01.21 12:01 omidhhh Call of duty Zombie X pokemon

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2022.01.21 12:01 I1LOVE5ANIME Cooking cauldron

Well, hear me out, the idea that i have for new cooking system in minecraft, is placing a cauldron on a campfire by right clicking it to make a cooking cauldron. The way it works is, you light the cooking cauldron with flint and steel, and pour water into it with water bucket. Then, you will drop things like mushrooms, rabbit meat, potatoes or carrots, etc. to make the foods that can be made by crafting table, but from now on, you should make it with cooking cauldron.(who knows? Maybe you can make some new stuff with it too) Foods can be made by dropping three or more cookable things in the cooking cauldron and you should wait a little for it to be cooked and the water in the cooking cauldron will start to change its color. The foods that you can make should be based on the cooking cauldron recipes, and if it wasn't, the food that'll be made is suspicious stew. When the food is ready, you can use the bowl to put the food in bowl by right clicking the cooking cauldron with bowl in your hand. To make a difference between cooking cauldron and making food by crafting table, i suggest to add some special foods with special effects by making some food with gold nuggets, golden watermelon, golden carrot, etc.
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2022.01.21 12:01 cronchykettlechips What to do with the sleepiness…

I switched from Zoloft and now I’m on 75 mg of Effexor. I was told by my doc to take it in the morning but I feel super sleepy and need a couple of cups to keep me awake which isn’t good because it makes my heart feel like it’s gonna drop out of my chest! Is there anything I could do to feel less sleepy or do I have to just wait it out? No amount of sleep seems to be enough :(
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2022.01.21 12:01 Melonful prison break heist

hey, looking to do the prison break heist, level 35 or so pretty new, anyone want to help or join? name is Melonousz
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2022.01.21 12:01 i-choose-science Nonresident forms for 2021 in OH?

Looking for help on how I should be filing for 2021.
I've been an NC resident for years. 1/2/2021 I moved to OH. Lived and worked there until 6/30/2021. I was in NC until 7/5. On 7/5/2021, I moved to IL. Lived and worked there until 12/17/2021, then returned to NC. Started working in SC 1/2022.
I made a separate post about state taxes, and I met with my company's legal department. My company concluded that all of my 2021 wages are taxable to Ohio, because I lived and worked there for 184 days, and was living and working in IL for 170 days. Therefore my W-2 has my 2021 wages as taxable to Ohio. My company's address is SC (HQ) on my W-2 and my address is NC on my W-2.
I am now trying to figure out what forms I need to fill out for 2021. Do I have to fill out part year resident forms for OH and IL? Nonresident forms for OH because my W-2 address is NC? Please help.
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2022.01.21 12:01 time-for-takeoff Buy the dip, now DRS. 💎🙌

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2022.01.21 12:01 TurboThorbenRS 36000000XP in Fishing

I now have at least 36000000 experience points in the Fishing skill.
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2022.01.21 12:01 SaintStrife It's so hard to accept she won't ever come back

Let me preface this by saying that my breakup is not as severe as anyone else here. I only dated this girl for a month. The thing is I had never ever loved someone before meeting her. At first, when she said she wanted to break up, I thought I was going to go crazy. I completely lost my appetite, felt nauseous when eating, and cried 24/7 for a whole week. This was easily the worst week of my life as I thought I was gonna go insane. Doesn't help that I'm dealing with depression, and I think that just made things worse.
9 days later and it's definitely getting better. I still think of her most of the time, but I no longer feel like crying. The only thing that's really bothering me is that I still wish so much that she would text me... I went NC 4 days ago and it's what has been helping me heal. Blocked and deleted her everywhere, but she can still get in touch with me if she really wanted to.
The thing is we ended it on really bad terms. She was a complete asshole to me. Told me she'd give me the closure I wanted only a week later after breaking up with me, as she didn't want that "stress" to interfere with the exams she had. That's fine. I waited a whole week. When it was finally time for us to talk, she tells me she's gonna hang out with her friends, and that if I really wanted to talk to her, she could "schedule some time to talk to me". That's when I went nuts and called her on her bullshit. What, I need to make an appointment to have some goddamn disclosure with this person? I honestly feel disgusted at myself for even wanting her back, due to how bad she treated me.
So the reason she's not ever coming back is because she completely lost interest in me, despite saying just a couple days ago that she loved me. She also said she doesn't want a monogamous relationship, despite us agreeing early on that it would be like this. I was the first person she ever dated. That's why it hurts so much. We talked about this before, she breaks her deal and I need to go through all this for... what it feels like nothing. She felt nothing, and didn't care at all about breaking up with me.
I know NC is meant to be for healing purposes only, but goddamn it. I wish so much that by not having access to me it makes her want to come back. I really wish this feeling would go away so I can properly move on.
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2022.01.21 12:01 chairbornebg Само 6 граждански инициативи са се увенчали с успех за 10 г.

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2022.01.21 12:01 crete_street_riot Beretta SPI Sporting Ejector Questions

I am a new owner of a Beretta SPI Sporting and have a few questions about the ejectors:

  1. How often do ejectors need to be removed from their housing and cleaned? I have not taken them out and the gun is new from the factory. Should I take the ejectors out and clean them?
  2. I have snap caps that I use and have noticed on occasion that one will eject with more "force" than the other. Is this common or could this indicate that the ejectors need to be cleaned?
  3. When cleaning the ejectors, can I use gun grease on them or should I just use the beretta factory oil?
I am still waiting to shoot the gun. Hoping to finally get out with it this weekend.
Bonus question:
Is there any reason why I should hesitate shooting the gun in cold weather? Sub 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thanks all in advance. I know these are some newbie questions.
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2022.01.21 12:01 Withered_One I'm going to clean my room today

I got my heart broken the day after starting my new job and ever since then I haven't touched a thing in my room. I was in the process of re-arranging my bedroom furniture because she was going to come over and it's as if it froze in time, everything is off-set and diagonal and there's no room to move around in. My clothes has piled up all over the place and it looks like a wasteland. I've used work as an excuse to not have to deal with it and I've been going out on all my days off but I got two days off in a row and I'm going to use it to clean my room. My room is also my art studio and my desire to create has finally overcome my broken heart and depressed apathy
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2022.01.21 12:01 Super_xz How much does <3 pet get nowadays?

I’m looking for <3 pet but it has dropped recently and I’m curious on where it stands in rarity or value
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2022.01.21 12:01 introsort [Hiring] Highspot - Software Engineer 2 (Native Mobile), Shared UX (Highspot)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Highspot - Software Engineer 2 (Native Mobile), Shared UX
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2022.01.21 12:01 rocketmadeofcheese Do they ever sell Raps gear at away games?

American Raptors fan here! Finally getting to see the team in person for my first game tonight in DC. Was just wondering if teams are ever able to set up a mini store with merch at away games. Raptors stuff is pretty much nonexistent around here so it’s always great to be able to grab something when I can. Thanks and hope to see plenty of other US fans tonight!
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2022.01.21 12:01 pgold05 Sandman - First appearance of Death original artwork.

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