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A for _________

2022.01.21 11:49 1MsConcerned A for _________

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2022.01.21 11:49 ChiefMasterMike Current events

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2022.01.21 11:49 patrickdm1998 What is something you like the cheap version better of than the expensive version?

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2022.01.21 11:49 nomad734 It's coming

I'm on a pretty big win streak I've gone up from gold 4 to gold 1 In the span of 10 mins and I'm scared I know something horrible is about to happen
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2022.01.21 11:49 pksama2k I tend to give up on the verge of completing or finishing something

In the initial stages of thing productive that I takeup (like learning a new skill or while preparing for some exam) i usually tend to give up and take it lightly. Only if i could put in the efforts with same impact that i put initially, i feel that my results would boost significantly. Please suggest ways not to loose motivation at the final moments of prep. Thanks in advance
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2022.01.21 11:49 0liven0el me_irl

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2022.01.21 11:49 Noobwitha_Hat For the cause

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2022.01.21 11:49 CloudburstWX Increasing FPS by turning off shadows (Steam)

Hey all, I run on a lower end PC so I have tried removing the shadows but can't.
Ive done the read-only file and CSM to "0" and what have you but it will not work. Is it impossible to remove them or is there a work around to this? Any help would be appreciated thanks!
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2022.01.21 11:49 MedicalTable English speaking 부동산 in Gimhae?

So I recently accepted a job offer to Gimhae and want to find a place on my own. Does anyone know of any English speaking 부동산 in the area? Or, if not, any recommended 부동산?
For background, I'm already in Korea I will just be moving cities. Thank you for any leads!
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2022.01.21 11:49 stevep311 [WTS] Last Alpha Beanies of this batch

I have 4 Large and 3 Mediums left 1 L Castor Grey 60gsm 2 L Rhubarb 90gsm 1 L Olive 90gsm 2 M Rhubarb 90gsm 1 M Olive 90gsm
L - 22"-24" head M - 21"-22"
https://imgur.com/a/alBHWTg verification - https://imgur.com/a/hkuUEFg $25 plus $4 shipping via PayPal only
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2022.01.21 11:49 IndiGalleria Dream of Wings, Dnyaneshwar Arun Parbhane, Acrylic, 2018

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2022.01.21 11:49 GordonOP0000HK Which player has the same birthday as you? For me it's Asensio. Hbd Asensio, such a talent he is, sadly injuries limited his development to be an even better player. Lucky to own his ft, definitely not a main team material, but surely a fun card to use. 🤞

Which player has the same birthday as you? For me it's Asensio. Hbd Asensio, such a talent he is, sadly injuries limited his development to be an even better player. Lucky to own his ft, definitely not a main team material, but surely a fun card to use. 🤞 submitted by GordonOP0000HK to pesmobile [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 11:49 Patient_Song1172 Netflix gains porn

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2022.01.21 11:49 rudraksh_karpe We are looking to adopt a golden retriever puppy in Pune. If you have any suggestions regarding the same please let us know.

I am a keen dog 🐶 lover, I really want a cute golden retriever, please help me out to adopt one.
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2022.01.21 11:49 SuperDuckMan Firing a client who was referred to you from another client?

Sorry if this is more of a professionalism question than a web design one.
Client A is lovely.

He referred me client B one year ago. They are both business partners and best friends.
I handle her domain and hosting, which were on yearly plans, which is why I've kept her on board, it was at no cost to me as I paid for that upfront.
Recently, I have begun to respect my time, which she was using. I will not be renewing my yearly domain and hosting plan for Client B. Shortly, I will provide her the .wpress file, allow her hosting to lapse, and arrange for her or whoever she hires to take control of her domain.
I am afraid of burning bridges with Client A. What should I do, would it be professional to communicate this with him?
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2022.01.21 11:49 Code-eat-sleep Use Vnstat to show bandwidth usage in i3bar.

I wish to do something simple like this
echo $(vnstat -i wlan0 | awk '($1 == "today")' | awk '{print $8$9}')/$(vnstat -i wlan0 | awk '($1 == "yesterday")' | awk '{print $8$9}')/$(vnstat -i wlan0 | awk '($1 == $(date +%Y-%m) )' | awk '{print $8$9}')
the expected return should look something like this
syntax [Daily/yesterday/monthly]
but awk gives out error because in place of passing a string for comparision I pass a command in its place that is $(date +%Y-%m) to get the current month so I can get the current monthly data usage.

How can I achieve this? Is this the limit of awk do I need to use some other utility for this task?
Thank you
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2022.01.21 11:49 jaytheasian04 frank ocean has dropped 1 album since 2016 while nba youngboy has dropped 20

add body text
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2022.01.21 11:49 Mind_Blowns Is there a pyschitriac label for people who are psychologically self-driven to always do what would be morally "wrong" of you to do?

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2022.01.21 11:49 Hustersmindset Companies are hiring to be on social media!

So many companies rely on individuals to keep their social platform consistent, bring more attention to their brand. Uploading reels, uploading pre-made videos, tweeting, liking pictures, commenting. Brands also use their social media as a customer service. You don't really think Jeff is behind @ Amazon`s twitter?

Click to apply and learn more!
#Ad #remotejobs #sidehustle
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2022.01.21 11:49 Stanleys_potential Do you believe in yesterday?

Judith Durham - Nobody But You (1968) with intro - YouTube
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2022.01.21 11:49 Mission-Salary-1289 All tapped out. Can buy anymore shares for a while

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2022.01.21 11:49 Cautious-Direction40 MCC duos I want more of

niki and dream, niki and tommy, niki and sapnap, niki and lizzie
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2022.01.21 11:49 Iamgoodokok WILL DEJI TAKE HIS TRAINING SERIOUSLY?

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2022.01.21 11:49 Mykle82 10K miles bonus

I just checked my miles on the app and noticed a 10K miles bonus. I’m not complaining, but I have no idea where they came from. I know I can call I find out, but people have better issues to call and I don’t wanna take a space on the call queue. Has anyone gotten this recently?
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2022.01.21 11:49 Tomas481516 Any ATTACK ON TITAN fans here ?

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